How To Get Credit Card

If you are reading this article most surely you want to be first-time credit card user & looking get a new credit card for you.  

So you might be searching what are the criteria & process for issue a new credit card.

First,  let me know you basic process 

  1. You need to fill up the credit card form that will available with your bank or now you can also apply online for a credit card through your net banking from your savings account. 
  2. After form completion, Bank will process the form to CIBIL check department. They will check your credit history. 
  3. If all thing is fine CIBIL or Risk department will forward your credit card to credit card issuance department. 
  4. So Maximum 10 days or Minimum within 5 days you may get your credit card in your hand. 

But before going to this process you need to check are you eligible or not credit card issuance & what kind credit card you are looking for. 

Your Age 

if your age is below 21 then it’s hard to get a credit card on your name. Yes, if you have co-applicant in application & that person eligible for a credit card then you might get the credit card. Bank don,t issue credit card because under 21 age person don’t have income & those don’t have income, not only bank Nobody going to give you credit. 

Income Source for Credit Card 

Bank & any NBFC first check your income source. If you have any income source then they will give you easily credit card. So many banks offer their customer pre-approved credit card because those customers either have the good salary or maintaining the good balance in their account. So you need to just yes, to banker get the credit card. 

What kind of Credit Card do you require? 

In Market there is the different card is available so before applying to you need to understand what kind of requirement you have. I will let you know the kind of credit cards available in the market. 

  1. Standard Credit Card
  2. Balance transfer credit Card
  3. Kishan Credit Card
  4. Prepaid Credit Card
  5. Reward Credit Card
  6. Shopping Credit Card 
  7. Gift Credit Card 
  8. Gold Credit Card 
  9. Titanium Credit Card
  10. Fuel Credit Card

The list goes one …so First clear for what purpose you require the credit card. 

15 Most Exclusive Credit Card in World.

  1. Chase Sapphire Preferred Credit Card
  2. Capital One Venture Credit Card 
  3. American Express Centurion Card (The Black Card)
  4. Mastercard Gold Card 
  5. Mastercard Black Card
  6. The Platinum Card from American Express.
  7. MasterCard Titanium Card
  8. Citi Executive World Elite Master Card
  9. Delta Reverse Credit Card from American Express
  10. Ritz-Carlton Rewards Visa Card
  11. Citi Prestige Credit Card
  12. Chase Freedom Unlimited 
  13. Discover it – Cashback Match 
  14. Chase Freedom
  15. Wells Fargo Cash Visa Card.  

All these have some special facility so they are in top 15 Credit card in the World.

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