Popular Online Money Lending Companies

We will be going to provide some of the best online money lending companies so you no need to surf different places & site to get the best companies & their facilities.

Different Ways of Money lending

All these companies providing the loan in a different way like some provide peer to peer lending, some provide through financial institution tie-ups. we let you know the how these companies are a providing loan to you.

    1. Capital Float

Capital float work any other financial institution in 16 states 88 cities. This company in business credit lending. They provide an unsecured business loan, Online merchant credit, Merchant Cash Finance, Taxi Advance.  It has main business to provide capital to online seller’s Merchant. They have tie-ups with E-commerce sites & Startup.


     2. Rubique

Rubique is the intermediate company for a financial institution. They have done tie-ups with major NBFC & Private banks for Loan distribution. The company providing finance through online platform & there all over India associates. Associates collect the sources from all over India process through Rubique mobile application. Now Business associates don’t require the DSA code from the different financial institution. They just need to be rubique associates &  they can process different loan online. Company serve major all kind of loan like – Credit Card, Personal Finance, Home loan, two-wheeler loan, education loan, used car loan, equipment finance, insurance, commercial vehicle.


    3. Lending Kart

Lending Kart is the Ahmedabad based online credit provider company. Company majorly lends money to the business for working capital. Company main target is easy funds available to businessmen. They are very quick as compare to any other financial institution in loan disbursement. Thier main target customers are the SME & MSME customer who facing problem in getting the loan. Apart from the SME & MSME online seller of an E-commerce site are another chunk of the customer.    

Lending Kart
Lending Kart

      4. Incred

Incred disburses loan to customer those in need of a home loan, personal loan, education loan, SME business loan. The company also one of the companies those serve their customer by leveraging technology. They are purely online services with offline & online acquiring. Incred business is not in peer to peer business. They raise their own money from investors & disburse to needy businessmen.


    5. Faircent 

Faircent is the peer to peer lending company provides credit to lenders. Here borrower and lenders interact to each other and decide mutually agreeable rate on that lenders borrow loan taking the help of faircent so it’s a marketplace for the lender & borrower & both get benefit from this platform. if you looking to raise this kind of funds from market then faircent will surely help you raise fund. 



These are the some of the online lending companies who provide the credit facility in different innovative ways & try to capture there market share. 

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