How to Select Best AMC for Mutual Fund Investment

Many Brokers & Dealer will suggest to you regarding the top AMC (Asset Management Company) for Mutual Fund or Best Plan to Invest but do you believe them? Always question mark in your head so how to clear your doubt without having a basic knowledge of Mutual Fund.

In current scenario how you select the best investment for your hard earn money that can provide you good return against banking fixed deposit rates, debt rate or any other similar kind of return.    

So before investing in any AMC confirm some basic things.

Confirm regulatory compliance

Many good financial corporate houses are managing investor’s funds but before judging by name you need to confirm that the corporate houses comply with the rules & regulation or not. All norms for AMC you can read on SEBI website. Google recent AMC‘s good or bad news.

Team & Handler

 All funds & funds of funds are handling by the experts. All funds are handling by any specific fund manager. You need to know who the fund manager is for that particular fund. What is the Experience fund manager have? What are the past funds he already handled? What are the result & return of his funds? All AMC provide the fund manager details on mutual fund subscribe page or details page.

Return Prospect

How much AMC is result oriented because many corporations have a culture of result oriented, so such organization provides you maximum time result as the AMC’s fund & fund manager portfolio grow as your invested money grow. Associate with such organization which has the capacity to double or triples your investment in mean time.

Market Performance

As I mention above mainly result depend on fund manager but some AMC has good market reputation they maintain their reputation in future also they always try to give you the maximum result of your invested money. Check the past performance of AMC also along with the fund manager.  

Investment Style

Some AMC is very restricted in their nature they keep watching on their fund manager how they are performing because they always provide preferences to investor’s money. Approach & style of investment also may factor affecting your investment.

Some of the AMC Company – Axis Asset Management Company, Birla Sun Life Asset Management, BNP Paribas, DSP Blackrock, Edelweiss AMC, HDFC Asset management company, JP Morgan, as more than 40 AMCs are available you search online.

Apart from the right AMC, you need to check the right fund for your capacity, risk taking capacity & return expectation.

  • Fixed Income funds
  • Equity return funds
  • Balanced fund
  • Index based funds
  • Funds on funds

So understand the funds & then Invest into the Right Fund & Right AMC (Asset Management Company)

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