Where Invest Your Hard Earned Money In Mutual Fund

If you have saved your hard earned money & looking to start investing in share market then you have to do deep research. First, Need to understand why share market exist. No need to go that much deep just understand the share market terminology. Especially when you do not belong to commerce back ground.

Your Hard Earn Money

You still really confused that from where to start investing. If you sure that you want to invest in share market then do some research for a mutual fund. 

Basically, in a mutual fund, you can invest in two ways. 

  • Lump sum investment
  • Regular interval investment 

Both word or kind of investment so much deep that for that to understand you require too much time so I will make you understand & suggest where to invest & how to invest. 

Lump-Sum Investment

Lump-sum investment means one shot big investment that is not in recurring in nature. Many investors want to invest in lump-sum style. If you are the first-time investor then don,t do this & sectorial or any mutual fund plan because in this you might loose your hard earned money. Even if you are looking to invest your hard earn money in a Mutual fund in lump-sum.    

Some of the points need to consider before investment:

  1. You should have patience.
  2. You should have equanimity.
  3. Required some basic knowledge of stock market & share market.
  4. Take a guide who can genuinely guide you some best plan & portfolio.
  5. NFO is one good option for long-term investment.   

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If you are new then what should be idle Investment?

Regular Interval Investment 

In Mutual fund regular interval is the best option to invest in any plan. So in a mutual fund, you can invest through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) If you don’t have any sector knowledge or best perform SIP, then also you invest in SIP. Just keep in mind some point. 

  1. Check History.
  2. Don’t invest in sectoral SIP plan. 
  3. Invest in 2-3 different SIP plan that minimizes your risk.
  4. Keep invest at least 3-5 year for some fair return. 
  5. Always withdraw money from SIP when market at higher side. 

That’s it if you consider above given 5 Points only you will never loose your hard earned money at least. Surely you will get the good return as compare to Fixed Deposit. 

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